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SetSee Beta sign-up
SetSee Beta sign-up

Web search is great for finding web pages containing the information you're after. But once you visit them...
Is finding what you want on the page more difficult than it should be?

Try filtering Web pages with SetSee!

SetSee™ dynamically filters an already displayed webpage, reducing long content to just what you’re looking for.  A helpful & even fun tool, it’s better than scrolling or any Find command, actually shrinking the page and showing your "results" together:

SetSee — because not all your searches are Web searches!

Browser Edition

This is an extension that you install in your browser (with a single click) to allow SetSee capability on all web pages you visit.  It can work on a variety of web pages, including  articles, lists, file listings, directories, FAQs, blogs, glossaries, TV schedules, forums, Wikipedia pages & more.

Publisher Edition

This product allows website owners to offer the SetSee capability on pages of their web site, to all visitors to those pages—without those visitors having to install any software. Will have an API to give you access to real-time data on what your visitors are looking for (and finding) on a page, analytics, and more.   


Try it out yourself, now—without installing anything. 

“The SetSee software is kind of like rubber bands, Velcro® or Post-It Notes®...  
simple to use and very helpful in everyday life!”
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